Starters and Alternators

Discount Forklift starters and alternators are inspected and load tested. we have a wide selection of forklift starters and alternators in-stock for domestic and import forklifts. Solenoid operation, RPM and amperage draw are analyzed under full voltage and load on Discount Forklifts’ unique Starter Load Tester. Alternators are tested for amperage output on a state-of-the-art alternator testing unit.

Discount Forklift starters & forklift alternators come with a 90-Day Warranty

Forklift Starter and Forklift Alternator Features:

  • Every Discount Forklifts “Renewed Original” remanufactured forklift starter or forklift alternator starts as an empty case, inspected and baked clean.
  • All metal parts are blasted, cleaned and polished with steel shot, painted and then sealed for protection.
  • Each field coil is continuity tested and sealed with a special heat and oil resistant plastic coating.
  • Commutators are precision turned and polished, assuring full brush contact. All commutators are individually tested and new brushes installed.
  • A new or totally renewed drive gear is installed with new bushings.
  • On forklift starters, a new or totally renewed solenoid is installed.
  • New gaskets and seals are installed and wet clutch models are pressurized to tested for leaks.
  • Each forklift starter and forklift alternator is individually bench tested. Starters are thoroughly tested under full voltage and forklift alternators are tested under load for amperage output.