All you need to know about Forklift Specification

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For the layman, it is not so easy to teach all the specification of Forklift.

The forklift is a lifting and handling device whose main function is the transfer of loads. This is his most direct definition. Commonly used in factories, storage warehouses, for loading and unloading trucks, containers, wagons etc. Different motorizations (generally with gas or diesel powered engines), more or less powerful, allow efficient use in any terrain, indoors or outdoors. It is suitable for high production rates and long-distance transport. Can withstand loads up to 8 tons, it offers a lifting capacity of up to 8 meters.

Depending on the power and functionality, the budget for the acquisition of a forklift is substantial: a minimum of 6000 euros and some high-performance models cost up to 80 000 euros.

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