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It is true that the forklift is not a fast moving vehicle. Therefore, the dangers that road drivers face are not the same as those faced by forklift operators. However, there are dangers that are unique to forklifts. Every Fork truck parts for safety is equally important.

Before 1992, forklift manufacturers were not required by law to fit forklifts with seat belts. In 1996, a man driving an older forklift was killed, largely because the vehicle had not been retrofitted with seat belts. That simple forklift attachment could have saved his life. Additionally, his vehicle had faults in the steering mechanism and the rear axle. When these defects caused the forklift to begin to tip over, the man attempted to escape, but instead was crushed to death by the forklift’s overhead guard. It was a preventable accident.

If this forklift had simply been fitted with that Fork truck parts, he would not have been able to try to jump from the cab before it fell. Instead, he would have fallen with the vehicle and kept away from the area of highest danger to his life. Yes, he would have sustained injuries, but most likely they would not have been fatal.

The official verdict after the accident was that the cause of the man’s death was a combination of neglect of the vehicle and the fact that the operator was not wearing seatbelts. The forklift was being turned on a three degree slope. The faulty axle allowed it to tip too far downhill and the loose steering mechanism made it impossible for the driver to correct his course. Together, these factors made the forklift topple.

A replacement axle, a forklift steering mechanism or a seatbelt is not an expensive Fork truck parts. All three of them together are not that expensive. There is a lesson to be learned from this example: forklift safety is not to be taken lightly.

Before operating his forklift, the operator should carry out a short safety inspection. He should check the tire pressure first. This is very important, because if the tire pressure is low on one tire, the forklift will be thrown out of balance. He should also look for any signs of damage to the backrest, overhead guard, forks and mast. If anything is faulty, a replacement forklift attachment should be purchased.

In addition, warning devices such as the lights and horn should be checked every day. Many forklifts do not have reverse beepers. If there is not one on the forklift, it is a forklift attachment that should be purchased. Accidents can easily happen when a forklift is reversing.

This is just a brief sampling of the safety measures that the forklift owner and operator should take. If every forklift owner and operator had thorough training and never skimped on safety fork truck parts, many accidents could be prevented.

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